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Annual General Meeting 2018

2018 AGM Prior Notice

Wireless Broadband at Pygmy Possum Lodge

We planned to have WiFi available free of charge for guests staying at Pygmy Possum Lodge, as of March 2018. It was enabled via installation of a dish on the lodge roof. Unfortunately the first dump of snow in June 2018 broke the satellite dish from its mount point. There will not be free access WiFi at the lodge until further notice.

Charlotte Pass Snow Resort Lease Update, March 2018

The club has received a sub lease offer from Charlotte Pass Snow Resort, and we have indicated that we do wish to proceed with the lease.

Charlotte Pass Village Lease Update, November 2017

We now have a six month extension of our current lease to 31/03/2018. Note that we will continue to operate the lodge and accept bookings, and we hope to be able to finalise our winter rates and planning for the 2018 season per our normal processes.

Charlotte Pass Village Lease Update, 20 October 2017

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) who manage the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and have been conducting the Charlotte Pass management review have recently advised us that the parties to the head lease for Charlotte Pass Village have agreed on terms. The terms of the lease are subject to final approval by the NSW Government. OEH is proposing a six month extension to our lease to finalise arrangements and complete land surveys of the head lease area and the sub-lease areas because Charlotte Pass Village is being converted to Torrens Title. We have been informed that our lease extension documents will be forwarded to us shortly once government approval has occurred. We have contacted Charlotte Pass Village Pty Ltd, the head lessee, but they were not able to provide any further information on the matter. Note that we will continue to operate the lodge and accept bookings, however we may not be able to finalise our winter rates and planning for the 2018 season until later than our normal process. We will liaise with the Charlotte Pass Lodges Association who have already written to the OEH seeking more information.

New Beds in Pygmy Possum Lodge

To maintain bed quality and increase the comfort for our taller guests a number of the beds were replaced at Pygmy Possum in May and June 2017. Slim queens replaced some of the double beds, and one king single has been supplied in almost all rooms with one or more single beds - the exception being E1 and W1. Single bed fitted sheets will not fit the king singles, and double bed fitted sheets will not fit the slim queens. Bring flat sheets or fitted queen size sheets for these beds. The beds in rooms are shown on the PDF of the room layout.

Member Lockers

As of 1st April 2015, the annual fee for a trunk was set at $20 and the annual fee for a locker at $50. Locker holders were invited to surrender their locker or trunk in order to obtain their locker deposit refund, otherwise the initial deposits paid for the lockers are to be used to cover the fees. Follow the link for more information on members lockers.

Annual General Meeting 2016

Pygmy Possum Lodge Food Store Survey

Take the survey to have your say about the future of the food store at Pygmy Possum Lodge. Note that this is for future planning - the food store has already been stocked for winter 2016. The food store docket linked on this page is your best indication of what has been stocked.

2016 Pre Season Transport

Charlotte Pass Village Management provide limited Oversnow Transport 3 times per day outside the winter season:

Paddy Pallin Junior Shield

Cross Country Ski Racing for juniors on Wednesday 13th July 2016 is being organised by Rod Piele of the Southern Alps Ski Club.

2016 AGM Prior Notice

Ski for Free

Article by a Cross Country sking member. Utube, sample photos of areas accessible when XC skiing from Pygmy Possum in winter.

Sunday Change Over Day

At the May 2005 meeting the Board decided to move to Sunday as our changeover day. This will take effect from 1 Jan 06. Those at the lodge on that date will get one extra day for their week's tariff and vacate on 8 Jan 06 instead of 7 Jan 06. All subsequent bookings will be from Noon on one Sunday to Noon on the next Sunday.


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