Members of the Board

Elected Members of the Board

The board consists of a president and twelve other members elected at a general meeting of club members. Election is nominally for 2 years in accordance with the Articles of Association. The president and six other directors retire at each Annual General Meeting, but all shall be eligible for re-election.

Role Name Notes Beginning of Elected Term End of Elected Term
Director Ken George 24/06/2014 01/07/2018
Director Mark Epper 24/06/2014 01/07/2018
Director Robin Griffiths Nomination from the floor 2015, elected 2016 28/07/2015 01/07/2018
Director Ross Wheatley Nomination from the floor in 2015, Elected 2016 28/07/2015 01/07/2018
Director Peter Hill Filled casual vacancy in March 2016 and was elected at the 2016 AGM 22/03/2016 01/07/2018
Past Directors
President Ross Wheatley 25/10/2016 01/07/2017
President Peter Quinnell Retiring from Presidents role on 25 October 2016. Ross Wheatley to fill the presidents position for the remainder of the year. 01/07/2016 25/10/2016
Director Malcolm Mathie 28/07/2015 01/07/2017
Director Richard Van Putten 28/07/2015 01/07/2017
Director Peter Quinnell 28/07/2015 01/07/2017
Director Graeme Sawtell 28/07/2015 01/07/2017
Director Judy Jenkinson 28/07/2015 01/07/2017
Director Michelle Mawbey 28/07/2015 01/07/2017
Director Geoff Mathie 28/07/2015 26/11/2015
Director Graeme Richmond 24/06/2014 28/06/2016
Director Terrence Slattery 24/06/2014 28/06/2016
Director Elizabeth Ters 21/06/2013 28/07/2015
Director Kyle McDermott 21/06/2013 28/07/2015
Director Larissa Reed 21/06/2013 28/07/2015
Director Peter White 26/06/2012 24/06/2014

Director Positions appointed by the Board of Directors

The Deputy Chair, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer are appointed by the directors from within its elected members. A general club member may fill a Casual Vacancy on the Board after a vote from the Board of Directors.
Position Appointed Deputy Notes
Treasurer Mark Epper   Honorary Treasurer
Secretary Richard Van Putten   Honorary Secretary

Club office holders appointed by the Board of Directors

Position Appointed Deputy Notes
Web and IT Judy Jenkinson Stafford van Putten Jeremy Epstein and Aleks Rachlewicz are available to help if there are system problems and Judy is not available to debug them.
Property Maintenance Pygmy Possum Peter Hill  
Newsletter Editor Robin Griffiths  
Minute Secretary Graeme Sawtell  
Locks and Keys Graeme Sawtell  
Housekeeping Pygmy Possum Position Vacant   Please volunteer if you would like to oversee the organistion of the kitchens, and the general end of season laundering and cleaning at the work parties
Environment and Safety Alex Bailey  
Club Historian Position Vacant   Please volunteer if you would like to put together a history of the clubs beginnings and record the notable efforts of the clubs founders.
Charlotte Pass Ski Lodges Association Ken George  
Castaways Manager Ken George  
Booking Officer Pygmy Possum Gary Jeffery Judy Jenkinson

PRD Real Estate manage the bookings for Castaways Units.

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