Notices and Articles

Snowline Cup Tuesday 15th August 2017

All adults and children are invited to enter this SOCIAL Giant Slalom Race. Volunteers are needed at Charlotte Pass to help with race organisation. If you can help please contact:

Paddy Pallin Junior Shield Wednesday 12th July 2017

Open to all juniors at Charlotte Pass, the Paddy Pallin Junior Shield event is run by the Southern Alps Club with assistance from other Charlotte Pass Lodges.

June/July 2017 AGM Prior Notice

Members are advised that in accordance with Section 240 of the Companies (New South Wales) Code an Annual General Meeting of Elouera Ski Club Ltd for the year ended 31st March 2017, will be held in June/July. Advice will be given at a later date as to date and location of the Meeting.

Post Winter Season 2016 CPV Transport

Charlotte Pass Resort management offer limited out of season "Oversnow" transport after the lifts close until the road is cleared. See the CPV flyer for details of the out of season oversnow arrangements, and options once the road is clear but the gate remains locked.

Member Lockers

As of 1st April 2015, the annual fee for a trunk was set at $20 and the annual fee for a locker at $50. Locker holders were invited to surrender their locker or trunk in order to obtain their locker deposit refund, otherwise the initial deposits paid for the lockers are to be used to cover the fees. Follow the link for more information on members lockers.

Annual General Meeting 2016

Pygmy Possum Lodge Food Store Survey

Take the survey to have your say about the future of the food store at Pygmy Possum Lodge. Note that this is for future planning - the food store has already been stocked for winter 2016. The food store docket linked on this page is your best indication of what has been stocked.

2016 Pre Season Transport

Charlotte Pass Village Management provide limited Oversnow Transport 3 times per day outside the winter season:

Paddy Pallin Junior Shield

Cross Country Ski Racing for juniors on Wednesday 13th July 2016 is being organised by Rod Piele of the Southern Alps Ski Club.

2016 AGM Prior Notice

Ski for Free

Article by a Cross Country sking member. Utube, sample photos of areas accessible when XC skiing from Pygmy Possum in winter.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband is available at Pygmy Possum Lodge for the 2011 Ski Season. It can be accessed by using your own computer or device. You can either go to Stilwell Lodge and purchase pre paid hours or pay for the service you want on line when you first log in. Follow the link on the left for more detail.

Sunday Change Over Day

At the May 2005 meeting the Board decided to move to Sunday as our changeover day. This will take effect from 1 Jan 06. Those at the lodge on that date will get one extra day for their week's tariff and vacate on 8 Jan 06 instead of 7 Jan 06. All subsequent bookings will be from Noon on one Sunday to Noon on the next Sunday.


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