Shoal Bay Holiday Unit

Priority Bookings

The priority bookings system is operated by the club to allow all members to bid for bookings in the peak periods on a fair and equal footing.

Pygmy Possum Lodge Priority Bookings

Lodge Priority Date Start Date of period of priorityEnd Date of period of priority *General Bookings Open
Pygmy Possum Lodge 15-Feb-2022 17:00:00 03-Jul-2022 02-Oct-2022 29-Mar-2022

*The general bookings will open after the priority round decisions are completed.

The pent up demand resulting from our reduced season in 2020, and totally interrupted season in 2021 has overfilled our bed spaces for 2 weeks of July, 3 weeks of August, and the two weeks spanning the end of August through to the 11th of September. If enough people can move their weeks, there are enough bookings to fill all the vacancies in the less popular weeks. We will be taking a great deal of care to ensure the best outcomes for as many people as possible. This will take time, so please do not expect to hear about your bookings too soon.

How to qualify

Submit booking applications for the priority period, prior to the relevant priority date. (Only members and sponsored guests booking in with members are able to submit a priority booking.) Bookings must also be paid for before the priority date. If you nominate to pay using BPAY® you do not need to submit a paper copy of the form, but be sure to pay in time for the payment to be visible to the committee on the priority date.

If you nominate to pay via credit card or cheque, you are required to post a copy of the form response and the full remittance in time for it to arrive by the priority booking date/time for your booking to qualify for consideration with the priority bookings. Send the payment and form to:

Priority Bookings
ESC Bookings
PO Box 3157
Thornton NSW 2322

®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518 For more information, go to: www.bpay.com.au

How Priority Bookings are Allocated

If demand for winter priority bookings exceeds the lodge's accommodation capacity, the club aims to allocate bookings as fairly as possible. To achieve this, the booking requests will be allocated via as many rounds as necessary, with at most 1 week to be allocated to a member (plus spouse or nominated ski companion, and dependent children) in each of the rounds.

Round 1:

Bookings will be Allocated in the Following Order

  1. Members who have volunteered work for the club (Board, Bookings, Foodstore, Working Bee, Housekeeping etc.) will be allocated their one week.
  2. All remaining booking members will be allocated a week. If necessary a random number or lottery system will be used to prioritize bookings for their one week of first choice dates.

Round 2:

Members who requested a second week are now allocated in the same order as Round 1.

Round 3:

  1. Sponsored guests will be teamed with their sponsors wherever possible.
  2. Any remaining vacancies will be allocated to members and guests.

People can still pay up to 75% of the booking fee with points as usual, however credit points are no longer also used to determine priority booking allocations.

The 2021 winter season bookings suffered the extra complication of the many Deferred bookings from the 2020 season. The Deferred bookings from both Members and Guests were honored first, then the methodology above was applied as the means of allocating the remaining spaces.

Page last updated: 17 Feb, 2022