Shoal Bay Holiday Unit


Have the Details of Your Membership Emailed to You

We value your privacy and security of information, hence the details of your membership will not display on the screen. Use the form to request your memberships details to be emailed to the address on your membership record.

Details sent include

Member ID:   Member Surname:

  OR   OR  

Update Your Member Contacts

Please send any updates of your contact details, postal address or email address to .

Change the names of the primary and/or secondary members

Note that to change the names of the primary and/or secondary members linked to a membership you will need to use the Member Details Update Form (also available as PDF). These changes are only revokable with submission of a new later dated form. The completed form (original, not a photo-copy or scan) must be forwarded to

ESC Secretary
PO Box 135
NSW 1300

Storage Units For Hire at Pygmy Possum Lodge (for Members Only)

There are a limited number of member's storage units available for hire at Pygmy Possum Lodge, and at most one may be held by any one membership. A member who has not stayed at the lodge at all over the past five years is required to relinquish any storage holding they have.

In 2023, there are 77 lockers and 42 cabinets all in use. The trunks have been decommissioned

The cabinets are not suitable for storing skis or large snow-shoes. The service passage does provide some space for storing such in numbered bays. See storage dimensions.

If you would like to put your name on the waiting list for a locker, cabinet or ski bay space, send an email request to .

Prioritisation for a storage allocation is based on

The hire fees for storage are currently set as:

If you have a storage facility and are not making good use of it - please consider our new active members plus save yourself some money by surrendering it. If you are planning to surrender your storage facility, you will need to clear it out at your convenience beforehand. A storage clearing fee will otherwise be payable.

Membership Transfer

Members who are no longer active are encouraged to transfer their membership to their adult children. The recipient new member needs to read the club's by-laws before completing the Steps Towards Membership Forms.

Members can also register their membership for sale by contacting .

Page last updated: 05 Nov, 2023