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New Memberships, Membership Sales and Purchases

Being a member of Elouera Ski Club is to be part of a community that shares a common interest in alpine activities with a respect for the environment, for Pygmy Possum Lodge, and for other members and guests of Pygmy Possum Lodge. The benefits of membership include lower accommodation rates, priority over non-members for bookings, and opportunities to get involved in the club. It is a rewarding experience to volunteer, helping out to the benefit of the whole community and the environment.

The obligations of membership include helping with the general operation of Pygmy Possum Lodge, which is self-catered and self-managed, via co-operation with other lodge guests.

There is a modest Annual Subscription fee payable by 31st March each year. It is currently set at $110 for the period ending on 31/03/2022.

To fully understand the workings of the club, we recommend you read

How to Qualify for Membership of Elouera Ski Club

To become a member applicants first need to qualify for membership by satisfying the Club's requirements:

Given that the club welcomes accommodation bookings from non-members, the requirements above are very easily satisfied via either a Summer or Winter booking at Pygmy Possum Lodge. You are welcome to fill in the online booking form for a lodge stay as a Guest at any time. The Pygmy Possum Lodge booking officer can recommend some dates for your booking to help you to connect with members during the stay. Your visit to the lodge is a great opportunity for you to learn about the running of Pygmy Possum Lodge.

How to Become a Member of Elouera Ski Club

To finally become a member of Elouera Ski Club you will need to the purchase 2 Subscribed Capital Units from an existing member who wishes to sell.

Once you satisfy the qualifaction requirements of the club, simply complete the form to register your interest in buying a membership. When the form is completed, the club membership officer will contact you with an offer from a member who has notified the club that they wish to sell.

Page last updated: 17 Jun, 2021