Shoal Bay Holiday Unit

New Memberships, Membership Sales and Purchases

Elouera Ski Club Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee (members liability is $10).

A Minimum Membership consists of two (2) One Thousand Dollar Subscribed Capital Units (2 x $1,000.00) plus a premium. The Club is currently looking for new members as we would like to see the number of members attending our facilities increase. Each of our facilities are located in very good holiday areas with good attendance from members and non members to ensure that there is always plenty of atmosphere and enjoyment during your stay.

The typical selling price for a 2 Subscribed Capital Unit membership across 2019 in Elouera Ski Club is around $2,000. The Annual Subscription is payable by 31st March each year and is set at $110 for the period ending on 31/03/2022.

While non members are welcome to book into the club's facilities as guest visitors, the advantages of club membership include

Stop Press:
The Charlotte Pass Snow Resort lease with the National Parks and Wildlife Service has been renewed, and the club has signed its new 40 year sub-lease with Charlotte Pass Snow Resort, effective from 1st May 2018.

Membership Purchase

New members are invited to buy a membership from someone wanting to sell theirs at your negotiated price (you may pick up a bargain). Existing memberships may come with accommodation credits which have been earned by members over the time of their membership in various ways (a small yearly dividend, for taking guests, for work parties etc). Each accommodation credit point can be redeemed as $2 towards a booking. They cannot be redeemed as cash. There is also a limit on the percentage of the accommodation cost which can be paid with credit points for any one booking. Currently at most 75% of a booking can be made with credit points. This is to maintain a healthy yearly cash flow for the club. Remember to check with the club the number of credits a particular membership has before agreeing on the purchase.

If you have any further questions or wish to become a member please email to .

Memberships For Sale

There are currently a number of memberships for sale. If you are interested then please send an email to and the club will provide you with a list of current members who would like to sell their membership.

Membership Transfer Form

Both the selling member and the recipient new member need to complete the Membership transfer Form. The recipient new member needs to read the club's by-laws before signing the membership transfer form. The completed form is to be sent to

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