Shoal Bay Holiday Unit

Resources for Lodge Captains


Lodge captains are advised by email:
  1. that they have been nominated to be the captain of their wing for the week, and
  2. they need to print off and take to the lodge with them the specific management forms for the occupants of the lodge during their week.

Please contact if you have been nominated as Lodge Captain and you do not know what this role involves, or if you wish to decline the job. The board is keen for all members to take their turn as Lodge Captain, and we will make every effort to assist new captains in the role. Please let us know to help you if needed.

Some of the forms required by the lodge captian are already at the lodge. In particular the Guest Register folder on the shelf below the notice board in the lounge of each wing has copies of the weekly guest register, lodge duties roster sheet.

Guidelines and Documents for Lodge Captains

Please let know if the guest registers are running low or if any of the laminated forms are missing.

Lodge Captains Returns, Room Allocations

Load the data entry forms for the period of your captaincy by first identifying yourself and the week of your captaincy:

Booking Id:
Booking SubId:
The email address used on the booking:
If you are lodge captain for more than one week, enter the end date of the week for this report: Enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format

Choose the Report:
It is not necessary to enter all of the data for your return under your first submission. Feel free to enter data, submit the form, and then reload the form from this interface for further data entry at a later time.

Load an online data entry form

Check the previously submitted reports for the 90 days prior to your captaincy

Access Downloadable PDF Forms

Page last updated: 13 Mar, 2024