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COVID-19 Lodge Operation Winter 2020

Photo of Pygmy Possum Lodge in Winter

COVID Safe Plan

The lodge will open for the 2020 winter season, with major changes to the occupancy limit to enable the implementation of the Pygmy Possum Lodge COVID Safety Plan 2020. This plan document provides a risk assessment, an analysis of the facilities of the lodge, and the actions required to minimise the risks of COVID-19 spread for lodge occupants. Compliance with the COVID Safety Plan is NOT optional.


The general principles for running a COVID-safe lodge will be familiar to everyone and include:


Waiver of Liability for Clubs Without Resident Managers

Before any booking can go ahead (even if already Confirmed fully paid for) it is necessary for the contact person on each booking to complete the Online Waiver of Liability for Clubs Without Resident Managers. The link to this Waiver will be emailed to the booking contacts email address in the week prior to the booking startdate.

In addition to this online Waiver and Questionnaire, every person over the age of 18 is required to sign the a hard copy Waiver of Liability form which is to be handed to the COVID Safe Officer on arrival at the lodge. (Up to three people can sign on the one form).

Preliminary Preparation Status of the Lodge

Note that this preliminary preparation of the lodge for a 2020 possible winter opening was done in early May, prior to the COVID Safe sub-committee formation. The details of the Pygmy Possum Lodge COVID Safety Plan 2020 prevail over the information below.

Hand Sanitiser Stations, and Ethanol Spray Bottles

Hand sanitisers are available in the following locations of the lodge:

Photo of Hand Sanitiser at entrance to the lodge
  • Both East and West side of the front door
  • Downstairs toilets at the wash basin
  • Beside the sign-on sheets near the games room
  • Kitchen bench closest to the entry to the kitchen
  • In the quiet lounges

Extra hand sanitiser boxes are in the foodstore under the community products bench.

70% Ethanol Spray Bottles are available for sanitising door knobs and light switches:

Photo of Ethanol Spray Bottle Station
  • Two on top of each bookshelf in the Lounge/Dining, "COVID SANITISER" label on the bookshelf where they are to sit. (for use in kitchen level bedrooms)
  • A few in each of the Storerooms for the upstairs bedrooms.
  • In each kitchen, under the sinks.

Refill for the Ethanol bottles is in the foodstore, up on a high shelf.

Kitchen Hygiene Management

Please read the cleaning and washing up procedures notice as posted on the door of each sink cupboard in the lodge kitchens.

Draft Procedures Alternative 1.

Draft Procedures Alternative 2.

Kitchen Social Distancing Management

In order to maintain 5 people in the kitchen at once as a maximum, implement a roster for the evening meal preparation. The actual structure of the roster would depend on the mix of groups in the lodge. Larger groups with shared catering would require a longer time slot etc.

kitchen layout diagram
  • Two small groups (2 people max) doing food preparation/clean-up in the kitchen at once, one group on each side in the yellow and green highlight areas. These groups would have a fixed time slot.
  • The space immediately adjacent to the entrance archway (opposite the fridges, blue highlight area) allocated as a single-user short-term use area. The existing kettle, microwave and stove to be used by people who will just be in and out, making drinks or monitoring their prepared food as it completes cooking in the oven or on the stove-top. This space cannot be used for food preparation. Groups may want to move a second microwave into this area as well. The community use tea, coffee and sugar could be moved to the bottom shelf of the spices cupboard to support this model - but these are an obvious vector for virus spread if an infected person handles the containers!
  • Some food preparation might need to be done on a dining table.

Dining Room Social Distancing Management

Lodge Cleaning Protocols

Signage at the Entrance to the Kitchen

Page last updated: 30 Jun, 2020