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Getting to Charlotte Pass Village and Finding the Lodge

Ski Map with Pygmy Possum Lodge location

In late spring, summer and autumn it is possible to drive all the way to Charlotte Pass Village and park there. However from the beginning of the June long weekend to the close of the October long weekend the access road beyond Perisher is closed due to real or potential snow cover and there is no overnight parking at Perisher.

Visitors need to be aware that getting to Charlotte Pass Village for a winter stay is costly and time consuming. Bookings for less than 3 days are consequently not accepted at Pygmy Possum lodge during winter. Pygmy Possum lodge is circled in red on the adjacent ski map, but see also the summer photos for more location detail.

Summer, Late Spring, and Autumn

Drive to Charlotte Pass Village. Park in the carpark opposite the Chalet after unloading your car at the front steps of the lodge. Do not leave your car parked at the front of the lodge, as there is insufficient space. See the photos below for details of the lodge location.

Location Photo Pygmy Possum Lodge   Location Photo Pygmy Possum Lodge
Charlotte Pass Village Eagles Eye View and from Guthries, Summer

Winter: Ski Tube and Oversnow

Park your car at Bullock's Flat and catch the ski tube.

Skitube Travel: In order to maximise passenger capacity and safety, luggage restrictions apply to Skitube during peak operational periods. See the link above for for Skitube operational details. Note that it is posible to buy a 7 day open return ticket, and there are good deals for families of four.

It is worth getting a trolley (bring gold coins) at Bullock's Flat for ease of transporting stuff onto and off of the train. There are people to help unload at Perisher. From the platform just go upstairs and the Charlotte Pass Village oversnow is in the North Eastern corner.

Oversnow transport from Perisher
The oversnow needs to be booked well in advance of your holiday. When you arrive at the Skitube Terminal at Perisher Valley, proceed to the Charlotte Pass Village Oversnow counter located on the north eastern corner of the Skitube Terminal. If the desk is unattended, use the courtesy telephone.

Benefits of this route are that it is efficient, you don't need National Parks entry, parking is below snowline and you don't need chains. The oversnow drops you and all your luggage at the door of the lodge.

Luggage: Try to pack as small as possible. Recommendations:

In some seasons the "excessive" amount of luggage being taken into Pygmy Possum Lodge by guests has resulted in boxes and eskies being packed onto a freight trailer for delivery later. An excess luggage charge per item might be charged, and delivery might only be as far as the turning circle outside Stillwell Lodge.

Winter: Ski Tube and Ski in

When the weather is good check your gear onto the oversnow to be freighted in, and enjoy the cross country ski.

Winter: Thredbo and Ski in

For experienced cross country skiers with good navigational skills, in good weather conditions only, catch a lift up to the top of Thredbo and ski over. It can be a challenge to carry all the food.

Taxi and Oversnow

Catch a taxi or Snowy Mountains Shuttles from Jindabyne or Sawpit Creek then oversnow from Perisher.

Page last updated: 07 Apr, 2021