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Pygmy Possum Lodge is not a catered lodge, hence it is necessary for guests to bring the majority of their own food. See below for the condiments available free of charge. The open stock of these is on the bench or in the community cupboard of each kitchen. When the open stock is depleted, more can be obtained from the food store which is in a locked room on the ground floor level of the lodge, accessible via the laundry. The food store key is located on a fridge in each wing. The food store also contains non perishable items available for purchase.

The food store is typically stocked in March. We rely on guests to inform us when stocked items are running low. The information on current stock shortages is available here.

Condiments available free of charge at the lodge

Food Store Community Items
  • tea bags
  • instant coffee
  • drinking chocolate
  • sugar and icing sugar
  • cornflour
  • cooking oil - not for deep frying
  • salt, black peppercorns and grinder, other condiments such as curry powder, mint sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce
  • herbs and spices - paprika, tumeric, chilli flakes, mixed herbs, cinnamon.

Food Store

See the Food Store Docket 2019 pdf document for an indication of the types of items available in the store, and the prices. Copies of this food store docket are available in the food store. All usage is to be itemised on a food store docket.
Food Store Biscuits and Fruit Food Store Fruit Pancake Shake Spreads Food Store Drinks Food Store Cereals Food Store Pasta Rice

Paying for Food Used

Booking fees do not include a food store deposit. (The deposit system was phased out for summer visitors in 2017, and for winter visitors in 2019.) Guests are emailed a prefilled version of the "Summary of Food Used, Payments" form (along with the room allocations) prior to their stay. The blank forms are on the back of the food store dockets for those guests who forget to print the prefilled form to take to the lodge.

At the end of their stay all guests are to give the filled in "Summary of Food Used, Payments" form to the lodge captain and, if any food has been used, the filled in food store docket along with cash for the money owed for food purchases to the lodge captain. If the lodge captain is not available, it is the guest's responsibility to send this paperwork back to the club. It can either be posted to

ESC Bookings
30 Westgarth St
ACT 2602

or scanned and sent by email to .

The Summary of Food Used, Payments form must be returned regardles of any food being used or a deposit paid. In the latter case it is your declaration to the club that you haven't used any food. If the club doesn't receive these nil returns, it will go back to charging a food store deposit with the bookings.

Lodge Captains Food Store Accounting Role

At the end of their stay, it is the guests responsibility to give to the lodge captain of their wing: The lodge captain has instructions on how to deposit the cash received into the club's bank account. Their job is also to record the food store usage and payments per booking. This can be done via the Resources for Lodge Captains page. Alternatively they need to send the paperwork back to

ESC Bookings
30 Westgarth St
ACT 2602

Food Store Survey, 2016

Lodge visitors for the two years up to September 2016 were invited to participate in a food store survey. As a result of the feedback received many new items have been added to the shelves.
Pasta and rice variety, and new items

Chalet Shop

During winter milk, bread, beer, and a few other items can be bought at the Chalet shop.

Page last updated: 19 Jul, 2019