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Pygmy Possum Lodge is not a catered lodge. Guests need to bring the majority of their own food.

The Food Store at the Lodge holds non perishable food and drink items that can be purchased via the Pygmy Possum Online Food Store.

Community items, such as tea, sugar and condiments, are also kept in the Food Store.

The Food Store is a locked room on the ground floor accessible through doors at either end of the laundry corridor. Community items are on the wall adjacent to the entrance doors. Purchasable items are on the opposite wall, and all items taken from this side of the food store have to be paid for at the end of your stay. Food Store keys can be found at the entrance to the kitchens in both wings. Children are only permitted in the foodstore when accompanied by an adult.

How to Use the Food Store

See also the illustrated guide on how to use the online shop.

  1. Before your stay visit the Pygmy Possum Online Food Store and:

  2. During your stay

    • When you first go to the Food Store, take a WHITE sheet, fill in your name and date etc.
    • Add your sheet to the clipboard for your wing (East or West) so you can find it more easily on future shopping trips.
    • Whenever you take something from the Food Store, record your purchase on your WHITE sheet, including the number of items taken.
    • There is no need to login to the Pygmy Possum Online Food Store for each and every visit to the Food Store - be aware that the shopping cart will expire after a day or so.
    • Community Items taken for general use need to be recorded on a BLUE sheet and this usage will be recorded by the lodge captains at the end of the week.

  3. At the end of your stay (or when you know you won't need to make any further store purchases)
    • Go to the Pygmy Possum Online Food Store to select then checkout and pay for the items on your docket.

    • Complete your docket with the details of the Total DUE and the payment date.

    • Show this acquitted docket to your Lodge Captain who will note that you have paid for your purchases and sign your docket.

    • If you have not used the Food Store you need to let the lodge captain know that so they can complete their Food Store paperwork.

  • Lodge Captains will:
    • Explain the Food Store process at the start of the week as part of the lodge briefing.

    • Remind people to complete their purchases online and show the completed form to their lodge captain at the end of the week.

    • Remind people everyone needs to report on the Food Store usage to their lodge captain, even if they didn’t purchase any items.


    • The Club Food Store can only continue to operate if all food and drink is paid for. All guests are relying on everyone taking items from the Food Store to record their usage accurately. This is essential for the inventory to be a true reflection of the food and drinks available for incoming guests who should be able to check the inventory for essential items which they might otherwise need to pack in for themselves.
    • The inventory does not update until the items are paid for - if the stock count is low, there is a chance that the previous week's visitors have used the remaining stock.
    • It is not possible to "shop in advance" to reserve your food items - please don't think you can shop and pay in advance to be guaranteed the items will be available for you when you arrive.
  • Unable to Use the Food Store Online Store?

    If you are unable to use the Pygmy Possum Online Food Store, you can still use food from the Food Store:

    Stillwell Hotel Shop

    Charlotte Pass Snow Resort (CPSR) are planning to sell basic perishable goods, such as bread and milk, from a shop in Stillwell Hotel during the 2023 winter season.

    Page last updated: 28 Jul, 2023