Shoal Bay Holiday Unit

No Smoking in the lodge

Pets and Assistance Animals

Pets, including dogs, cats and other animals are not permitted in the National Park or in the lodge. Assistance animals, as defined under Federal and State legislation, are allowed into the Park, and can be brought into the lodge. Assistance animals are not pets, they are trained disability support services that enable a person with disability to safely participate in personal and public life activities. It is lawful for NPWS to require evidence that an animal is a genuine assistance animal and their Pets in Parks policy lists a range of acceptable evidence (Pets in parks policy | NSW Environment and Heritage) that they will accept before allowing an animal to be brought into the park, and thence to the lodge.

Any guest intending to bring an assistance animal to the lodge is requested to notify us when making the booking so we can arrange suitable accommodation and notify other guests.

Noise Levels

All noisy activity must cease by 10pm.

Please consider others at all times - use headphones with your personal devices.

Lodge Leaders Role

The Lodge Leader's role is a very important one. One of the key roles of a Lodge Leader is to facilitate a happy, relaxed social atmosphere in the lodge. The Club wants guests to enjoy their stay and to use the lodges on a regular basis. A warm, friendly environment is a key part of ensuring this happens.

The Booking Officer appoints the Lodge Leader for each lodge and will provide notification prior to arrival at the lodge. Lodge Leaders are not required to undertake a duty from the roster.

The role of Lodge Leader is to ensure that the lodge operates smoothly and that lodge rules are adhered to. The Lodge Leader is to ensure that lodge duties are performed and that the lodge is left clean, locked and secure. According to specific requirements at the time, Lodge Leaders may adjust duty lists or request additional duties. Lodge Leaders should also report any maintenance issues to the Board on a Lodge report returned to the Bookings Officer.

Lodge Duties

Rostered Lodge Duties enable the lodges to run smoothly. Members and guests are responsible to the Lodge Leader for undertaking their duties. All lodge users are to do an equal share of lodge duties; parents may have to do duties on behalf of their children if the children are unable to complete duties satisfactorily.

Copies of the Lodge Duties can be found on the notice board in each wing of lodge

In addition to the rostered duties, each guest is required to clean their room and bathroom prior to departure, to equal or better condition than it was on their arrival. It is expected that all guests will assist the easy operations of the lodge by acting in a way that ensures:

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Supplies and Equipment

The Club relies on members to identify supplies in need of replenishment and equipment in need of repair or replacement. Please ensure a note is made on the Lodge Leader's report if you notice anything in need of attention.

Cleaning materials and light bulbs are to be found in the cupboards opposite the Eastern food store doorway.

Paper products including hand towels and toilet paper are stored in the ground floor food store. The upstairs hallway cupboards should contain a stock of toilet paper, and Miele vacuum bags. Extra replacement vacuum bags are in the food store near the community food items.

The battery powered hand held Dyson vacuums available in each of East and West Lounge areas are provided for the convenient intermittant lounge quick vacuum and for the safest easiest stairwell vacuuming. They are not intended for the major end of week cleaning - please use the Mieles for that. The Dysons MUST be emptied after each use (very easy - no excuses), and their filters require regular cleaning. How often will of course depend on how much they are used. Please refer to the Manual in the Lodge Captains Reference binder (under the lounge level notice board in each lodge wing), or on the web link below.

Manuals for Lodge Equipment are available in the Lodge Captains Reference folder at the lodge. More recently pourchased equipment such as the Dyson Vaccuum cleaners and the new stoves also have PDF Manuals available here.

PDF Equipment Manuals

Manuals for Lodge Equipment are available in the Lodge Captains Reference folder at the lodge. More recently pourchased equipment such as the Dyson Vacuum cleaners and the new stoves also have PDF copy of the manuals.

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BYO Linen

Pillows, a doona and blanket(s) are supplied for each bed. The doonas have covers on them. Please bring and use both a bottom and top sheet on your bed. You will also need pillow cases, bathroom towels, and you may like to bring your own bath mat.

The room allocation information includes the types of bed (Queen, Long Double, King Single or Single) in the rooms. The Long Double and King Single beds are available to cater for our taller guests. Note that you will not be able to use the standard fitted sheets on these - you will need either flat sheets or a fitted sheet for a queen size bed. Check the details of the bed types and beds per room plus the necessary linen for the beds and provided doonas.

Check-in and Check-out times

Bookings changeover time is 12:00pm. Incoming members and their guests should not plan to occupy the lodge before this time. Outgoing members and their guests should complete their lodge duties and vacate the lodge before this time. Guests who wish to ski on the day of their arrival can leave their luggage in a ground floor area agreed upon with the departing guests. They may also use the ground floor toilets, but should not venture into the living room and kitchen as the outgoing tenants will be attempting to clean and clear fridges etc.

Departing Guests may also wish to store luggage on the ground floor for some time after 12:00 in order to use their last day of skiing.

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Guest Register and Arrival/Departure

Add your name on the guest register to notify your arrival in the lodge.

Similarly, sign out on the guest resiter on the day of your departure.

Ski Tour Notification

The Lodge Leader must be notified of details of any proposed ski tours. If the Lodge Leader has left, leave these details on the notice board.

Personal Food Management

For your convenience to store your personal food supplies, each room has allocated to it a labeled food cupboard in the kitchen, and similarly a designated fridge.

Food must not be left in fridges when vacating the lodge (remember to check freezer).

Gear Storage

Skis and snowboards are not to be taken into the bedrooms - if you are worried about security, bring a lock and cable.

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Children are welcome in the lodge and are expected to behave in a manner that does not adversely impact the enjoyment of other guests. All guests share the responsibility of ensuring that a convivial atmosphere is maintained when children are staying in the lodge. Should any issue arise, please approach the child, their parent or the Lodge Leader.

Waste Management

Kitchen and other lodge waste was to be dealt with as described in the downloadable document. However the notice is out of date, the current instructions are that you DO NOT leave the recycling in the plastic bag when you add it to the skip.

Minimise waste - do not bring excess packaging with you! Pack your fragile food items into containers which can be used at the lodge to store left-overs, and if you still have food left-over at the end of the week, pack it out with you to feed to chickens/worms/compost at home. Freeze left-overs from the start of the week to use later in the week or to pack out with you.


Please do not leave dirty nappies in the rubbish bins in the lodge. Bag them up and dispose of them in the Garbage skip bins yourself.

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Fire Alarms

Alarms will operate if guests are illegally smoking in their room, if they allow steam to escape from bathrooms, or due to use of an aerosol such as hairspray. The alarm does NOT automatically contact the fire brigade so if there is a REAL FIRE act accordingly and follow emergency procedures.

Power Failures

If you experience a power failure while at the lodge, all the electrical systems have to be restarted in order to maintain hot water and heating. There is one start button on each level in each Wing plus one in the games room.

If too many electric frypans are used at the same time on the same circuit the RCD, (Residual Current Device i.e. Safety switch) may trip. To reset the RCD it must be switched right off, then turned on again. The frypans are not necessarily faulty. Test them by turning on each frypan individually.

Page last updated: 28 Feb, 2023