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Change the Dates or Cancel a Pygmy Possum Lodge Booking and/or Request a Refund

The form on this page enables you to:
  1. Formally and officially notify the booking officer of your wish to cancel a booking.
  2. Specify how you wish to receive any applicable refund
    1. As accommodation credits to be used against a future booking OR
    2. Direct Credit to your nominated bank account

For Your Security

Note that the web pages are using encryption to keep your data private. You can verify a web page is using encryption by checking for the padlock symbol in front of the URL. The main aim of providing this form for your use is to prevent the need to send bank details via plain text email.

To ensure that the request is being made by the owner of the booking, the data entered for the booking identifiers must all match correctly. The form processing software will send an email notifying the booking owner that the online request has been made, with all but any of the bank details entered. The email address sent to will be the one recorded for the contact person on the booking.

The booking officer will get a similar notifying email, also without any of the bank details specified.

The bank details will be saved securely in the booking system, and deleted after they are no longer required to provide the refund.

Use the Form Below to Request a Date Change or Cancel a Pygmy Possum Lodge Booking and/or Request a Refund on a Date Changed or Cancelled Booking

Identifiers of the Booking to be Changed/Cancelled/Refunded

Note these details MUST match the details on the booking record in the system.
Check the most recent emailed PDF of the booking if you are unsure.

Booking ID
Booking SubID
Booking Start Date Enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format
Booking Contacts Details: Family Name
Booking Contacts Details: Email Address


Details of a Date Change or Partial Cancellation

Use this input box to provide details if you want to change the dates of a booking, or if you need to cancel only some of the people off the booking.


Reason for the Date Change or Cancellation

Let us know why you need to change dates or cancel - this is only necessary if you seek to claim a refund. Note the Cancellations Policy on the Booking Terms and Conditions page. If your cancellation is for medical reasons, you also need to email a Doctor's certificate to


Refund Details

If your requested change will result in a refund due to you please provide the details required to enable us to supply the refund.

  1. How you would prefer to receive any applicable refund:

  3. If you have specified Direct Credit provide the bank account details:

    Name on the Account
    Bank BSB Number
    Bank Account Number



Page last updated: 03 May, 2023