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Important Information and the Fine Print for Elouera Ski Club Pygmy Possum Lodge Bookings

Booking Form

Please use the
web form to make your booking online. The web form software calculates the charges and emails a copy of the completed data to the booking officer and to you. If it is not possible for you to fill in the form online, please email to the or telephone the booking officer on 0425 256 255.

Twin Share / Single Supplement

Accommodation is allocated on a Twin Share basis unless the single supplement fee is selected and lodged with the initial booking application. i.e. Single supplement fees are to be paid in addition to the standard bed fees if a single person does not want to share a room. The single supplement fee is the same for adults and children. A limited amount of single room accommodation is available and will be allocated on a credit point basis. It is not appropriate to ask to pay a single supplement fee to avoid room sharing at the time room allocations are being decided. Single people do not need to pay the single supplement provided they are prepared to share a room with someone from another booking party. All single supplements are subject to availability, special conditions and confirmation from the booking officer.

Food Store

There will be no food store deposit charge for the 2019 Winter Season, or for Summer bookings.

Weekly vs Nightly Rates

The per week discounted rate is equivalent to 4 times the nightly rate. It applies to a stay from 4 to 7 nights long within a standard booking week (Sunday to Sunday). Note that each Sunday to Sunday component of a booking is charged independently of the rest of the booking for Winter Season bookings and for Summer High Season. During other Summer periods non standard week long bookings are charged at the weekly rate, and bookings for longer than a week are charged at one seventh of the weekly rate times the number of days stay.

Age Concessions

Child rates are applicable where age is 16 years and under.

Children 2 years and under, in a cot, are FREE.

Family Rates

Family rates may be available for some booking periods. Where it is available, the family rate applies wherever it is cheaper than the individual rates for up to four members of the one family, with at most 2 people 17 years and over counted within the four family members. Additional adults or children will be charged the individual rate.

Member Rates

The members rate is applicable to members, members' spouses, and their children aged 16 years and under. A member's dependant children aged 17 - 19 years may be booked in at the adult member rates. Non-dependent members children, and members children who are over the age of 19 do not qualify for members rates.

Non Member Bookings

Non members may apply for a booking either as guests sponsored by a member, or as guests without member sponsorship. Before the latter (guest bookings without member sponsors) are processed a board member will contact the guest to brief them about the lodge. Guests cannot make independent bookings in the priority booking round.


You will be notified when your booking application has been accepted via an email Offer of the accommodation from the booking officer. You are then expected to provide payment by one of the preferred payment methods within 5 business days of the Offer date, at which time the booking will be Confirmed. Bookings not paid for within the 5 business days may be forfeited and the associated beds allocated to other members.


All accommodation rates include GST. The Club provides a combined GST tax invoice/booking receipt by email at the time each booking is Confirmed.

BPAY Payment Preferred

Please pay by
The Customer Reference number will be supplied to you with the confirmation of your booking, or as part of the RESPONSE of your online booking. The customer reference number will be different for each booking you make. This is done to ensure that each payment is credited to the correct booking.

Limitations on use of Accommodation Credits

There is a minimum percentage of the fees payable which must be covered by cash rather than accommodation credits. This is to ensure the club has sufficient cash funds to cover immediate bills. The percentage is currently set at 25%.

Other Payment Options

Post payments to:
ESC Bookings
PO Box 3157
Thornton NSW 2322


A cancellation fee of $10.00 is charged for every booking cancelled. This may be either taken as 5 accommodation credit points if credit points were used to secure the booking, or it will be effected by a $10.00 reduction in the value of any applicable refund.

Requests for refunds must be in writing. Refunds will be made on the following basis:


The standard booking week is from Sunday to Sunday. Weekend and part week bookings for winter stays at Pygmy Possum Lodge cannot be made before 30 June. Note that room allocation constraints may require you to move rooms on the Sunday during your booking if you book across the standard week boundary.

Room Allocation

The booking officer allocates rooms. Check the trip list when you arrive. Talk to the lodge captain if there are real problems with the room allocations.

Page last updated: 07 Dec, 2018