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The COVID-19 pandemic and the health regulations to cope with the pandemic has affected the way Pygmy Possum Lodge is operated. Please read the COVID-19 Lodge Operation page for more information

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Pygmy Possum Lodge Availability

See when there is space in the lodge. The graphs are up to date with all electronically submitted bookings. (Data is not available for Castaways Units at Port Stevens.)

Select the Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) of the Period of Interest: Enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format
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Make a Booking

If you are familiar with the club terms and conditions for bookings already, click on

to complete an online application for accommodation at Pygmy Possum Lodge.

Use one booking form per family or individual.

Advice for Non Members

If you are not a Member or repeat Guest please read the advice for Non Members making a booking at Pygmy Possum Lodge.

Link Bookings To Form a Group

Supply the booking id returned by your submission to family or friends you would like to have book in with you. For more details go to the Linking Bookings for a Larger Group page.

Booking Rates

Summer 2023 until Winter 2024 [Printable Version]

Winter 2024 until Winter 2025 [Printable Version]

Priority Bookings at Pygmy Possum Lodge for the 23/06/2024 to 22/09/2024 Winter Season were available to members and their sponsored guests. To qualify, bookings needed to be submitted and fully paid for prior to 13/02/2024 17:00:00. General bookings opened on 23/02/2024 after the priority bookings were finalised. [Read More]

For reference:

Alternative Booking Method

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Booking Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions at all please refer to the Booking Terms and Conditions page before attempting to use the online form.

are just some of the topics covered on the Terms and Conditions page.

Cancel a Pygmy Possum Lodge Booking and/or Request a Refund

Use the form linked above to:

  1. Formally and officially notify the booking officer of your wish to cancel a booking, either in full or partial.
  2. Specify how you wish to receive any applicable refund
    • As accommodation credits to be used against a future booking OR
    • Direct Credit to your nominated bank account

Page last updated: 26 Feb, 2023